by - décembre 28, 2019

People. They hurt so often.
As far as I can remember, it always was me against them.
I fear them, I don't trust them and sometimes, I despite them.
But one day I looked up and started to notice. And so I took my camera and let it roll.
I was wrong all along.
Photography actually helped me on that particular point.
I am a countryside creature and living in a city and, this is exhausting to me.
All that noise, all the time. All those people everywhere, all the time. 
I fancy birdsongs and windblows. 
My playground is way more different now. 
Street photography is kinda the opposite of what I love in photography. And still!
This is what happen when you stay curious and let things come to you. I looked up and saw. People, how bad I can ughh them sometimes, they are as lost as I can be. I acknowledge them. We all want to be seen for who we are and I feel privileged sometimes, to pause and look at them. Whilst they are here walking, talking, doing... Living, I see them. I found a lot of comforting emotions in that.

I fear people a little less, now.
Art, no matter what medium you are using, is one powerful tool on your journey towards healing.

My first steps in this type of photography is easy going. I am obsessed with black and white. I started to work on the eye, the details and what is an interesting subject. I have so much to learn still but I am pretty pleased on how those turn out.

Yours Dearly,


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