by - décembre 21, 2019

Here we are.
It's the end of the of the year, the end of the decade.
Even if ends are so often sad, which this is utterly, bittersweet, if I take a look at all this journey, I can tell: It was a good one.
Many of my dreams came true. I went so many places, meet so many people...
I stood strong when shit got dirty and I bathed in gratitude when I achieved something. I had to face my worst fears way too often but I healed, I loved, I sacrificed, I cried, I laughed. Same old, same old.
I end up the line as it started. Alone, wounded but strong as hell. This how life shape us, though pain and challenges. I am so ready for the next shit coming up my way. 
May you all take time to reflect on this 10 years of whatever and find the courage to find the meaning of it all. 

Yours Dearly,


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